Why Should You Consider Getting A Flat Roof For Your House/Office?

The flat roof is often used in the style of contemporary style homes. This roof model gives a more aesthetic and avant-garde side than let’s say a classic tile roof. If it is easily accessible and designed for, the flat roof can be considered as an extra floor.

This style of roof is not recent, but people have been opting for it for decades now. These roofs are generally used more for business buildings or residential buildings than for single-family dwellings, although this is becoming more and more common.

The advantages and disadvantages of a flat roof


1.  To make a flat roof, you don’t have to waste your time taking permissions from various local government authorities. You can hire a professional who knows how to get all the permissions from concerned authorities. For example, roofer Pocatello contractor will help you move towards the construction part, which is what you want.

2.  It offers a much larger space to accommodate and there won’t be any wastage of space.

3.  It can be built with varied materials, such as wood, metal, concrete. However, space will be required for insulation, a waterproof system or a layer of gravel to dry the roof.

A flat roof is a great opportunity to build a green roof or a “green” terrace, which is quite in trend as of late. Moreover, it offers acoustic and thermal insulation at the same time.

This “hanging garden” will require maintenance that is limited to removing plant debris and checking that the vents are not obstructed.


The major problem with this kind of roof is the waterproofing. The rainwater can sneak inside the houses if the waterproofing is not done as per the prescribed standards.

Therefore, it is essential to use a professional for installing a flat roof because if you don’t, then problems are more likely to surface sooner or later. You can easily find a roofing contractor who is proficient in developing flat roof. Let him analyze the area where the roof is to be created and then, you and the contractor can decide on the price and other details.

Design and construction of a flat roof

A flat roof despite its name is not exactly flat and has a slight slope, which is quite small (less than 5%) so that the water flows a minimum or a little curved.

There are three ways to build a flat roof:

1.  Hot (insulated cover and vapor barrier included)

2.  Cold (cover ventilated by an air gap)

3.  Inverted (insulating layer on the outside to reinforce the waterproofing)

In addition, you can also place roof windows on this roof and enjoy bright sunlight during sunny days, which will help you save on electricity bills.